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I am a relatively love RPGMMO person, hope to meet more here the same hobbies. (recently in playing world of warcraft)
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- "Fantasy Westward Journey" after the classic who raised the flag?
- The auspices of the famous beautiful temperament Gaming Expo hosted twists Match Friends
- "Devil law" to download to send naked drill? Suitors must

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 "Fantasy Westward Journey" after the classic who raised the flag? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Novel as one of the oldest rift gold art forms in order to characterize the plot and characters known. Since the rise of online games has been a complete view of the world as the novel setting and a strong reader base, the classic novel into a popular online games ever since. Talking about one of the classics, many people will probably think of "Fantasy Westward Journey," "Fantasy Westward Journey" to "Journey to the West" as the background of popular players welcome. However, in today's endless stream of new online games, classic fatigue inevitably follow. Today, there are many excellent turn-based online games as adapted from classic novels, and has a new interactive play more and more refined picture. So these good works, Which will be more successful as novel Qing flag of online games for wow

Adjourned to the West - "Westward Journey Gaiden"

"Westward Journey outsiders" to the romantic classical Chinese novel "Journey to the West" and the famous Hong Kong film series "Westward Journey" for the creation of the blueprint for the players started a god, strange and martial arts cross, emotional game with the righteous cause of the coexistence of the beauty of the world.

Novel "Journey to the West" for its exciting plot and rich Rift Platinum content into a century classic, and "Westward Journey rumor," the developer Netease's online game development topics in the Journey to the West has a wealth of experience, so the quality of the game beyond doubt. But precisely because of NetEase has successively produced the "Westward Journey" ?, ?, ?, "Fantasy Westward Journey", "Genesis West" Journey to the West and other variety of subjects online, "Westward Journey outsiders" even better quality, wow is inevitable that the old new bottle Wine of the suspects.

Adjourned to the West - "Westward Journey Gaiden"

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 The auspices of the famous beautiful temperament Gaming Expo hosted twists Match Friends Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Recently, the wow gold well-known gaming chair, temperament and beauty twists and POSCO of South Korea Corporate Pavilion, host of business wow po week in the Shanghai World Expo. Going round in his blog updated a lot of photos. This has excited the girls hard ground, now is not limited to gaming circles, she has been more and more in a large booth and television.

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 "Devil law" to download to send naked drill? Suitors must Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

May 16, 2010 ... May 17 ... May 27! Devil's footsteps are near to us little by little, in many literary works, the devil is a synonym for evil, is the root of all evil world. In the "devil rule", the history is just writing the story of the winner fills the devil also has its own rules, there are also unknown other side, as compared with God, they are more honest, more direct, disdain the gods to despicable means to confuse the world acts, in the original, the DU Wei deals with the devil can be described as a win-win Chris servant.

By unknown means light to suppress the goddess of years Mozu around the corner. Today, the devil's messengers to us from Roland times across mainland China, and brought the gift of the devil! These gifts are collection of years of luxury Diamond Dragon! These dofus kamas polished diamonds in the imperial craftsmen, each one is the most fashionable styles to create a modern treasures!

Download the client may easily loose diamonds fashion

Placed in the window of the expensive diamond to make you flinch? As a man you are still home to discuss how to please his girlfriend get a headache? Download "Devil law" ?????, the existing contract with the devil access to the precious gift loose diamonds ho! Eager but feel scruples? Even Lady Luck on leave today, but also the value of 666 yuan to 100% of the value obtained Games Package! Crusade against the bright goddess, for Roland is a real dawn of humanity! Subvert the rule of the goddess of light, so Roland people find themselves on the mainland, and this continued effort.

Witness the truth to each other under the tree of love

Work together to make love cherry blossoms

"Devil law" on May 27 does not delete files open to closed beta, characteristics of the system immediately show!

Read a copy of three-dimensional plot

Rowling Semel harvest treasures old homes, distress occasional demon servant Chris, all copies of the story line based on the novel intertwined with emphasis on the original plot outline, the maximum reduction of the novel to the original style of the game. At the same time, using a number of innovative technologies to create a copy of the system to highlight variety of games are played in the functional and mutation effects, unintended changes in the player movements are more likely to result in the process of movement throughout the continent.

PK Game super cool thousand

Three forces tangled, a quality of blood in the battlefield environment, true to the original one Shenmotaizhan, while thousands of gorgeous passionate online PK, Lawrence of attracting separate ways demonstrated the strength, show style. War filled the air, smoke everywhere, and the northern border of kamas the war imminent.

Roland ancient artifacts scattered

As the gods had to create the most powerful weapons, because I do not know why Roland lost in the mainland in one place, only the strongest can own them. The birth of each artifact will set off a bloody Roland mainland, attracted numerous warriors desperate struggle. They have suffered the blood of countless warriors, and all the waiting only for the devil that day of awakening and re-witness the revenge of God the devil.

Association of self-built home territory

Everyone has the opportunity to become Santo, building their own city, create the first all goes for the dream. Have their own dedicated practice field, the Society transactions NPC, NPC and the Society of Manufacturing Association released four powerful tasks, significantly enhance the Society of influence and the player gains.

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